I succeeded in healing my OCD

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An introduction to the book “Certain Self-Treatment of OCD” by Daniel Tehrani

Hello, I am Daniel Tehrani. I suffered from OCD for a year and a half and I had a hard time. Just at the time when I thought that there was no way to treat myself, I discovered a way through which I managed to do this within 6 months with a lot of patience and effort

One of my motivations to get treatment was to help people who suffer from such a problem that I know how distressing it can be. I understand all of your emotions, confusion, and thoughts. There may be a difference in the type of issue we are dealing with, but we are all similar because we suffer from something called OCD, which is directly related to our emotions and thoughts

This disorder makes useless thoughts repeat in our minds. In this way, it imposes itself on us and makes us believe that our thoughts are real, “when they are not!” Believe that they are not. You won’t understand this unless you get treated like I did and look back and see how worthless it was.

As mentioned in my book, you cannot distinguish between right and wrong when your mind is sick. Trying to reach a point where the mind can return to its normal function and then leave the judgment to you is my suggested solution. Like me, you will then conclude that these thoughts were not worth ruining your days and nights and that you were just a victim of OCD, a habit of thinking, and enduring a series of imposed emotions that were out of your control

It’s now time to take control of the situation. I will guide you. However, you are the true heroes

I am Danial Tehrani. I love you and wish you good health and a unique mood

Instructions to get the book

The book has been translated into English and is available

Daniel Tehrani’s website was originally designed in Persian and for Persian speakers. However, only this page of the website has been translated into English to help people around the world with OCD treatment. You can download the PDF version of this book, which contains Daniel Tehrani’s solution and explanations, from this page

Please send me a message on whats app to get the book in English

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Daniel Tehrani’s personal Instagram address (in Persian)

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 Daniel Tehrani’s treatment Instagram address (in Persian)

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